Thursday 9 March 2017

Ah Madam! before I leave, will you kindly verify the genuineness of these pearls, Murray 1946

Still you shouldn't have shot him dear, he's was doing his best, Graham Men Only November 1946

Green Pastures, Mr. Dean, Edgar Norfield, Men Only November 1946

I spoke to him about it sir, but he said it's a free country and he needs it for his evenings off, Starke, Men Only November 1946

Now here's something I can get my teeth into, Talbert, Men Only November 1946, figurative art

Quite a good day, Mr. Panton - sold a palm. Frank Ford, men Only November 1946

By the way, what's the men's underwear position like in Sweden, Hollowood Men Only November 1946

no caption, Cats' Eyes, Lilliput October 1951 Smilby

Danny Colman, Doodles, Lilliput October 1951

no caption, artist and model, Lilliput October 1951 Andre Francois

no caption, cuts of beef, Norman Mansbridge, June 1951

I'm not going in while she's on, David Langdon June 1951

no caption, dog disappointed, 1951 Park regulations, Starke

Saturday 11 February 2017

Don't move till I put on the lighhts, Sivic, Lilliput June 1951

Little Maisie's our problem child, Ronald Searle, Lilliput June 1951

Not Bill Bagley the Boxer? C.Salisbury Lilliput March 1951

no caption, the charitable forger, Starke, Lilliput February 1951

What's the Joke? A.F.Wiles, Lilliput February 1951

Do take a - er- pew, Starke, Lilliput February 1951

I grow all my own vegetables, Gerard Hoffnung, Lilliput, January 1951

no caption, Starke, in the carpet shop, January 1951

New Year's Resolutions at St.Trinian's, Ronald Searle, Lilliput January 1951

no caption, ghostly convenience, A.F.Wiles, Lilliput January 1951

no caption, dpdgems in the park, Peter Probyn January 1951

Yes, who is it? Graham, Lilliput January 1951

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Tell Captain Locker he can either keep me dancing, or have me up for Reveille - not both. artist Ray, Men Only July 1945

What extraordinary whiskers you fellows wore in those days, Maroc, Men Only July 1945

She says her old man's a dook,Webster Murray Men Only July 1945

Tired? Blimey! Taint as though you've bin on yer feet all the times! Men Only 1945 July

May I get you your eighth Martini? Ian Dickson, Men Only July 1945

And what size in bowler hats do you wear? :David Langdon, Men Only July 1945

Well, swhat's he goinf to be like when he's posted to Gallery 20? Frank Ford, Men Only July 1945

What I want to know is - who who booked the horse in last night? Ian Dickson, men Only July 1945

I knew that damned church steeple would spoil the view, Bovey, Men Only July 1945

I always say there's nothing like a piano. During the Blitz I practically lived under mine. Edgar Norfield, Men Only July 1945

I only said I must go down to the sea again...(Sea Fever, John Masefield) Palmer July 1945 Men Only

Dear Old Jack still here? Solely as ballast, m boy, Webster Murray Men Only July 1945

Monday 6 February 2017

What we want is a modern house for an old world price, Leonard Hagerty, Men Only October 1946

Eeny Meeny Miny Mo, choice of clubs, artist Ray, Men Only October 1946

This particular style is called the 'Attaboy' sir, Starke, Men Only October 1946

And don't forget all that the Navy taught you, Hynes, Men Only 1946

Henry - something tells me we are not alone, Ronald Searle in Thurber mode, Men Only October 1946

If you can work a flat into the new contract she will take £100 a week less, Ian Dickson Men Only October 1946

I don't know how I'll ever be ble to repay you Mr Bechstein, Hynes Men Only October 1946

I hope I'm not boring you with all this... Edgar Norfield, Men Only October 1946

Well, don't just gape at the poor child, say you're sorry! Ian Dickson October 1946

We've had to sell nearly everything to keep him at school, Men Only Frank Ford October 1946

remove the centre table - I'm putting on a floor show tonight, indecipherable, Men Only October 1946